E n d e   d e r   Z u k u n f t

a new dance production by Truus Bronkhorst and choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Kristel van Issum, in collaboration with Jens Van Noten

PREMIERE December 2, 2014 Theater Kikker Utrecht, The Netherlands
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This is the end of the future.
Did the future ever exist?
Is it a bygone dream?
Is the future now?
What comes after the future?

Truus is dancing with Jens in a piece created by 4 generations of dance makers.
Four embodiments of dance that together tell a single story.
Generations with a different past and a different future.
The production forges links throughout time and space with the duet as sum, division, reflection and duplication.

Following the success of She Was a Visitor, the solo performance that met with great recognition in the 2013-2014 season, Truus Bronkhorst is presenting a new dance programme in the autumn of 2014. Once again, she is working in close cooperation with two choreographers, but this time also with a second dancer.

With Marc Vanrunxt and Kristel van Issum, Truus Bronkhorst is creating a new link in her long series of powerful, personally charged dance productions.

The new collaboration of Van Marc Vanrunxt, Kristel van Issum and Truus Bronkhorst with the young dancer Jens Van Noten provides a quadratic multiplication of the possibilities.

The work of Truus Bronkhorst always reflects her amazement and concern about the harshness of the world and always shows how she wants to reply to this with the gentle powers of art and beauty.

* Truus Bronkhorst (1951) dancer/choreographer with Stichting van de Toekomst, Amsterdam. For over thirty years, she has been creating striking and challenging dance productions; both solos and group pieces.

* Kristel van Issum (1972) choreographer with T.R.A.S.H, Tilburg. Her work is characterised by raw underground aesthetics, whereby the conventions of dance are confronted in a dynamic, passionate way with those of other social domains.

* Jens Van Noten (1993) has graduated from the Fontys dance academy, Tilburg, in 2015.

* Marc Vanrunxt (1960) choreographer with Kunst/Werk, Antwerp. He is known for his expressive, capriciously beautiful work, and is regarded as one of the stalwarts of the contemporary dance landscape.

Ende der Zukunft is a production by Truus Bronkhorst (Stichting van de Toekomst 1986), Ende der Zukunft has been created with subsidies from the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts With thanks to Theaterfactorij Monty Antwerpen.

The Dutch premiere is on 2nd of December, 2014 in Theater Kikker, Utrecht, after which the production will go on tour.

Production: Truus Bronkhorst (Stichting van de Toekomst 1986)
Photography: Leo van Velzen